Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Mi autoassolvo, Vostro Onore!

“Berlusconi Silvio, in concorso con gli altri amministratori e dirigenti delle spa Fininvest ed Istifi, in esecuzione di un unico disegno criminoso, quale presidente della spa Fininvest e azionista di riferimento dell’omonimo gruppo, fraudolentemente concorreva a esporre nei bilanci di esercizio delle precitate società, relativi agli anni 1986/’87, ‘88, ‘89, nonché nelle relazioni allegate ai bilanci e nelle altre comunicazioni sociali, notizie false e incomplete sulle condizioni economiche delle medesime: operando perché Istifi gestisse la tesoreria del gruppo in modo tale da non consentire l’attribuzione e la ricostruzione delle operazioni finanziarie finalizzate a creare provviste di contanti nonché l’effettivo impiego in operazioni riservate ed illecite ed anche per l’esecuzione dei pagamenti di cui ai capi precedenti (le presunte tangenti ai giudici Squillante e Verde, ndr); creando, attraverso operazioni eseguite presso la Fiduciaria Orefici di Milano, delle disponibilità extracontabili utilizzate per operazioni riservate e illecite nonché per eseguire i pagamenti di cui ai capo che precedono; cosí occultando, nelle diverse comunicazioni sociali, sia la creazione di disponibilità finanziarie, sia il loro impiego, sia l’esistenza di società correlate e di posizioni fiduciarie riferibili alle precitate società (nonché gli impegni per la loro capitalizzazione, i costi relativi e le plusvalenze realizzate)”.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Complex LDAP queries with python

I came across this nasty problem today and the solution was so easy and stupid that it took me 10 minutes to understand what it was after many tries... :D

Say that you want to make a quite complex query to an LDAP directory using ldapsearch, the syntax is:
ldapsearch -x -h -b o=Myorganization "&(uid=john*)(!(jobgrade=boss))(address=*Washington*)"

Now to do the same thing with python ldap module I expected the syntax would be the same... well no! (don't know why?).
import ldap
l ='')
res = l.search_s('o=Myorganization', ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, '(&(uid=john*)(!(jobgrade=boss))(address=*Washington*))')

so you have simply to add brackets before the & (or |)... again I wonder why it was implemented differently...

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Christine - A possessed car

(photo from

(possessed it's because I hope I'll get rid of it on Monday :D)

So I want to buy a new car, I went to the shop negotiated a bit the price for the new car and for my car if I give it in exchange, I got a good quote for both, I'm happy because I'm getting a new car, the dealer is happy because he sold a car and the happiness is bigger for both. And the world is a better place. (if it was that easy...)

BUT (there's always a but) we didn't take into account the feelings of our old car. Feeling that we were letting her (the car is a woman for me) down she thought to fight back and get her revenge. So yesterday I close the driver's door and the lock comes out with the key... mmm... 60 euros to fix it. Fair enough.
Today the shop calls me telling me that the new car is ready to be picked up on monday. Hurrah! I take the car today, lower the window and the window gets stuck and doesn't come anymore up... WTF! Go back to the mechanic... the whole lift mechanism is broken... other 300 euros to fix it... Only 3 days before selling it... She really has a soul... Bastard...

Monday, 21 January 2008

I havo no name! (problems with LDAP on Debian)

Short post.

If you bound your machine to an LDAP server using PAM and libnss on a Debian box and you run into this:

I have no name!@yourmachine:~$

Check the permission for both libnss-ldap.conf and pam_ldap.conf. They have to be world readable ;)

Enjoy :D

Friday, 11 January 2008

Crossover cousine

For the series "Today in the canteen..."
I also found the recipe!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008