Sunday, 8 June 2008

Finland and pizza Berlusconi

Finland is still shocked by the words Berlusconi pronounced some year ago and knowing finnish they won't forget easily. Berlusconi didn't make compliments to Finnish cousine while the european food authority was at stake:
"I have been to Finland and I have had to endure Finnish food, so I am certainly competent to make comparison. Today Barroso can taste our culatello (local ham) instead of Finnish smoked herring."

As a surprise the other day walking down the street I was stunned by this ad:

It translates more or less as: "Kotipizza's Berlusconi elected best pizza in the world." [Kotipizza is the shop]
Now I don't know how this pizza tastes (and honestly I will never try it) but I'm not really sure this would really be the best pizza in the world... maybe is a classic finnish joke to make fun of their (and also mine) beloved Silvio :)

MiMMS: My first OSS project :D

I started to work on MiMMS, an MMS stream downloader written in python.

When I first looked at the application it looked pretty much what I needed to download Italian TV shows to my N810 and watch them while I was on the bus (trying to take advantage of dead periods). The little problem was that (as for many other mms servers) the bandwidth was limited and it was taking me an hour to download just one show.
So I registered a new branch of MiMMS that allows you to split the stream in many parts and use all your bandwidth to be quicker. It still has a lot of work to do, but it works pretty well and I hope it'll soon be packaged for Debian.

Enjoy ;)

La sobrietá della Carfagna - Carfagna's chasteness

"Il convincimento mio personale e delle istituzioni governative è che in una società evoluta non c'è spazio per le discriminazioni; pertanto anche l'omofobia va contrastata con la forza dell'educazione civica e del rispetto. A questo atteggiamento deve corrispondere la sobrietà delle manifestazioni della comunità omosessuale che non dovrebbe mai scendere nell'esibizionismo e nel folklore" (Mara Carfagna, ministro per le Pari Opportunità [nella foto], in occasione della Giornata mondiale contro l'omofobia, Agr, 17 Maggio 2008)

Da che pulpito...

In English:
My personal belief and the one of the government is that in an evolved society there's no space for discriminations; thus also homofoby needs to be contrasted with the power of the civic-mindedness and the respect. To this behavior needs to correspond the chasteness of the manifestations of the homosexual community that should never degrade into exhibitionism and folklore. (Mara Carfagna - Italian Minister for equal rights - in photo)