Sunday, 8 June 2008

Finland and pizza Berlusconi

Finland is still shocked by the words Berlusconi pronounced some year ago and knowing finnish they won't forget easily. Berlusconi didn't make compliments to Finnish cousine while the european food authority was at stake:
"I have been to Finland and I have had to endure Finnish food, so I am certainly competent to make comparison. Today Barroso can taste our culatello (local ham) instead of Finnish smoked herring."

As a surprise the other day walking down the street I was stunned by this ad:

It translates more or less as: "Kotipizza's Berlusconi elected best pizza in the world." [Kotipizza is the shop]
Now I don't know how this pizza tastes (and honestly I will never try it) but I'm not really sure this would really be the best pizza in the world... maybe is a classic finnish joke to make fun of their (and also mine) beloved Silvio :)


  1. complimenti per il blog, bilingue proprio come voglio farlo io! ottimo

    e per quanto riguarda la berluscopizza: credo che sia particolarmente buona! La carne di renna è molto saporita... e bravi i finlandesi! Finalmente qualcuno che si ricorda le c..zz..te che dice il Silvio, e le usa contro di lui

  2. grazie, se sia particolarmente buona non lo so, come dicevo non l'ho provata e non credo che la proveró. Peró anche a me la carne di renna non dispiace.

    Forza Silvio!

  3. Actually the "Best Pizza in the World" is a reference to an international culinary pizza competition that is held in New York City every March called America's Plate. Check out the current champ

  4. Right Meiza, I found that only after I wrote the post ;)

    Anyway I still have my doubts it's the best pizza in the world but now I have to taste it before saying it... :D

  5. Macche buona! l'ho provata ed e' come tutte le pizze finlandesi: uguale alle altre! c'e' una politica socialista qui e le pizze e i kebab son tutti fatti con gli stessi ingredienti, dovunque tu vada. Un premio a chi mi trova ad helsinki un posto dove cucinino pizze col forno a legna e con mozzarella vera!

  6. finnish pizza is the best i have ever tasted, and i have even been t i italy :D

  7. Trust me you can aspire to something better than that ;)

  8. I don't understand why italian people even tolerate this kind of guy.

    For me, Berlusconi sounds like his unhappy to be italian. He's always talking how much better everything is in Italia and so on. Sounds like he is trying to convince himself and feels inferiority complex against other nations - especially against Finland. He's always making joke of finnish or Finland. Newest joke:,,2-10-1462_2512170,00.html

  9. Trust me, I don't understand either. If you want an hint it might be that he owns 90% of TVs in Italy and italians watch a freaking lot of TV (and they believe it).

    But anyway the problem is not Berlusconi, the problem are the ones that believe in him and (still, sigh :( ) vote for him.

  10. Regarding the Kotipizza advertisement:

    Just in case it wasn't clear, the ad campaign is a joke, the Kotipizza company isn't seriously saying that it's the world's best pizza. They were making fun of the headlines that said Berlusconi had said that Finnish food was the worst in the world. But it's pretty good marketing, and seemed to work well here in Finland. I've tried that pizza, and it was fine. ;)

    By the way, Finns don't eat smoked herring, like some of the sources were saying. Other smoked fish, yes, but herring is never smoked, it is usually pickled.

    Regarding Berlusconi's recent old-church comments:

    I think it would be cool if the prime minister of Finland responded with something like this:

    "I remember my last visit to Italy, they drove me 3 hours to see this dirty, old, corrupt oligarch prime minister, it was pathetic. In Finland we would have voted his ass out of office a long time ago. [draws an X in the air with his finger]"

  11. I think that Vanhanen is too polite to say something like that but yeah it would be soooo cool! :D

    And anyway everybody is making fun of Silvio outside Italy but as soon as you cross the border the fantastiland of Mr B. begins and you can say _nothing_bad_ about him.

  12. About the "Church scandal": some Italian journalist said in a Finnish paper that Berlusconi probably mixed Finland and Iceland... but of course that doesn't make the prime minister any smarter.

  13. Yes, I read the same quotes by the Italian journalist, it seems he's probably right about the mixup. He has visited Finland of course, but nobody has any memory or recollection of Berlusconi ever visiting any Finnish churches. Until the Icelandic press comes forward with a defense of their own, let's assume that Silvio is a little geographically challenged.

    You know how it is.. Iceand, Finland.. same thing, right? Both end in "land", both have polar bears and penguins walking the streets, cold weather, disgusting food, dark winters..

  14. What about Greenland? :D

    Okay the guy might be limited but in a way or another he managed to steal italians a lot of money... even if I hate him I can't say he's not smart.

    An about the italian journalist, come on guys, in Italy there are no more journalists. All of them are working for the press office of Berlusconi directly or not ;)

  15. Berluscone pizza´s reindeer meet comes from producer who use only 60% reindeer and 30% contains also protein from pigs.

    1. vittu mikä horo sää olet. mene muualle itkemään. liha on lihaa saatana.

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