Sunday, 7 December 2008


This has nothing to do with any IT thing. It's just me going in hibernation every day more. The sun raises every day a bit later and sets every day a bit earlier and I'm starting to fear that some day it just won't raise at all... :(

This is the darkest period in Finland (today we have around 6 hrs of sun theoretically, the clouds are doing the rest) and the only thing I would do is to sleep the whole day... unfortunately that's not possible...

1137 days of Finland (and still counting)

that means over 3 yrs... this is the moment when you realize that you either love it or hate it. It might take less but honestly Finland is a difficult country to decipher, first of all for the language that is really hard to speak, second because of the average way of being of Finns (it takes a lot to go deep in their feelings).

Well so far I'm still counting... that means something at least :D