Sunday, 7 December 2008


This has nothing to do with any IT thing. It's just me going in hibernation every day more. The sun raises every day a bit later and sets every day a bit earlier and I'm starting to fear that some day it just won't raise at all... :(

This is the darkest period in Finland (today we have around 6 hrs of sun theoretically, the clouds are doing the rest) and the only thing I would do is to sleep the whole day... unfortunately that's not possible...


  1. You must keep busy, so that you forget to pay attention to the weather.
    Today I participated to the Scavenger Hunt, it was funny and very very cultural: :-)
    But what's wrong with sleeping? ;-)

  2. Nothing wrong with sleeping but when you have a kid that is running in the house... as I was saying... that's not possible XD.