Saturday, 18 April 2009

really convert your SVN to GIT with one script (tags included)

Having to convert some SVN repositories to GIT, Misha pointed me to this recipe that was quite what I needed to convert svn tags to real tags.

There was some more typing involved and I hate typing, plus I had to deal with a non standard SVN layout that by experience I think it's like a second standard. So I included all the hints found there and somewhere else in a "one click" script that tries to do everything automatically. Since it's automatic you might end up with something close but not exactly as you need, so feel free to tweak as much as you want (as I did with Frank's recipe ;) ).

You can download the script here and run it
sh -r path/to/svn/repo -a path/to/authorsfile

enjoy ;)

Finns go and buy Parmigiano directly from Italy (it's cheaper)!

Parmesan Cheese (or more accurately, Parmigian...Image via Wikipedia

Today, first time in 4 years that I dare to buy a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano from Stockmann (supplies finished... :( ).
Price: 43.5 euros/Kg
Well not bad it traveled so many kilometers...
Then I made some raw calculation. I checked the price of a Finnair direct flight from Helsinki to Rome for next weekend: 384 euros going Saturday and coming back on Sunday. In Italy the price for Parmigiano is about 14-15 euros/Kg (maybe in the airport itself it might be a bit more expensive I don't know). I can bring 20 Kgs of luggage and 6 Kg with me in the cabin. To fill it up of Parmigiano I need to spend around 400 euros. 80 euros for a night in an average hotel and 50 euros of taxi to get there and come back. Total expense: around 915 euros. Price per kg: 35.2 euros.

Well of course now you have the problem of eating 26 Kgs of Parmigiano :D

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