Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I want to know them!

3 Finns won the Gold Medal in the culinary olimpics 2008 held in Germany this year. Yle report the news without saying anything about Berlusconi, but knowing Finns they did this just to prove that what Berlusconi said some time ago was not true. :D this heck of Finns!

The menu was:

Starter: salmon, lobster and a spinach puréé as a starter.
Main meal: Veal fillet, veal shoulder and sweetbread sausages.
Dessert: strawberry-chocolate mousse and orange-yogurt cake.

(okay but what about pasta? :D :D)

Now the question is where these 3 guys/girls have been hiding all this time... maybe I wasn't rich enough to enjoy their delicacies ... :(

I will try to know them, I have to!


  1. Are you trying to say that it's not possible that some good food came from the hands of Finns?

  2. No I'm saying that, since they are able to cook good food, why are we having what we are having in the canteen??? And why it's so difficult to find a good restaurant in Helsinki at an affordable price (and maybe open on Sundays)?

  3. You won't find those guys in Sodexho XD! I don't think you find gourmet cooks working in each an every canteen in Italy either. For the good restaurants, I think you just need to know the right places!

  4. Dopo la pizza, questo. Ma in che mondo viviamo?
    E dire che alla Sodexho dobbiamo accontentarci dello stufato di agnello alle pere...