Friday, 6 March 2009

When the summer depends on the calendar

Summer sunset / Puesta de sol de veranoImage by victor_nuno via Flickr

The other day I've seen an ad saying 'summer is coming'. That's very funny since here in Helsinki it's still -3 and there is a good amount of snow on the streets, the sea still looks frozen (even though probably I wouldn't dare walking on that) and cars have still the winter tires. But in Finland is like this. Seasons don't depend on the weather (there wouldn't be summer as such otherwise probably) but rather on the calendar. And the even more funny thing is that seasons don't start at solstices or equinoxes (as in the rest of the world) but on the first of the month. So this 1st of march spring started. And 1st of June will be summer. We have time to prepare anyhow...

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1 comment:

  1. i wouldn't say that spring started here ....
    i dont take this seriously !!!!
    i really think that it is still winter here, no matter what ads, shops want us to believe..... or even crazy people who believe in the calendar...

    i look through the window, and towards my thermometer : it is still winter !
    and hopefully for a good month ???

    ok, i am too optimistic now..... but a few weeks, 2 may be?
    by the way, some cars were still driving on the sea, here in espoo today, the ice is still safe, still thick (where the currants are not of course)