Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TomTom Go 750 and adding a simple microSD to it

So I was all happy about my new TomTom that I decided to upgrade the maps to the latest version (for free since it was the first time).

That turned out in an unbelievably long and painful operation.

First attempt. Connect the device to the computer and just push the upgrade button.

"You don't have enough space on the device. Choose what area you want to upgrade"

No, thanks I want the whole Europe Maps.

Go to the shop. Buy a 4G microSD.

Second attempt. Insert the microSD into the device. Connect the device, select the microSD "as the device" and push the upgrade button.

"You don't have enough space on the device. Choose what area you want to upgrade"

For God sake I have 4G free... couldn't you just select that automagically? No, uh?

Ok... let me see how those maps are stored there... ah just a simple directory...

Third attempt.

  • Take out the microSD and use the card reader to connect it to the computer
  • Connect the device.
  • Take a backup of the device.
  • Open the file browser.
  • Move the 'Europe_2G' maps to the microSD
  • Slap the microSD into the navigator
  • Turn on the device
  • Select Europe maps
  • Reconnect the device to the computer
  • Push the button 'upgrade'

HOORAY! The downloads start... 28 minutes...

"ERROR! You don't have enough space on your computer for temporary files"

WHAT!? I had 2.3G free... Ok let me remove something. Now with 7G free I can go.

  • Push the upgrade button again.

"ERROR! Map decoding error... blablabla"


Find the downloaded maps. Remove them.

  • Push the upgrade button again.

And finally after another 45 minutes... I had the maps upgraded.

So if you plan to do the same make sure you have at least 5G free because it looks like TomTom takes a backup before doing the upgrade...

Painful though I would work on improving this... Attila... Michal... you listening? ;)


  1. I bought TomTom Go 750 just yesteday and today found out about the new maps. So tomorrow MicroSDHD card from the shop and upgrading on its way...

    Hope your instructions help me too as TomTom has been too busy doing nothing for this thing during the last almost a year:

  2. Well it worked for me, and it is pretty simple after you know what to do... if only TomTom guys would have put up a simple official howto on their site...

  3. Could not wait and went to get the memory card today... After retrying the map download for like five times it finally went through without errors! After installing the maps it failed for too little space. Deleted some voices from internal memory and retry. Finally it was done!

    Your instructions were great but even still required some tweaking. Gotta wonder how TomTom thinks their average customer to pull that through...

  4. Post your tweaks here so people will benefit of them ;)

    I didn't get why you had to delete stuff from internal memory if you were installing the maps on the SD though...

  5. I have no clue why I had to delete stuff from TomTom's own memory but just had to for having enough space to install maps on the memory card. Wierd.

    I have been having issues with the navigator randomly rebooting itself for couple of times without reason. Previous TomTom (from ~2004) never did so.

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