Tuesday, 8 March 2011

DLink DVG-2001S advanced configuration

A loooong time ago I bought this SIP router, the DLink DVG-2001S. After years of using it and being bothered by the infamous call waiting alert I got fed up and tried to get rid of it.

Obviously no freaking way you can do that through the web interface... luckily that didn't stop me from doing telnet to the device and hacking a bit into it.
telnet < ip_device_of_your_device > 23
sip show
This should show more or less what is your configured line. Usually this will be #1.
Line 1 configuration
  phone_number = xxx
  display_name = xxx
  user_agent_port = 5060
  auth_username = xxx
  auth_password = xxx
  sig_tos = 0
  rtp_tos = 0
  oob_dtmf = 1
  allow_callwaiting = 1
  ec = 1
  vad = 0
Now that allow_callwaiting = 1 is the problem.
sip set 1 allow_callwaiting 0
Will fix the thing. If you really want to be sure you can also do
sip set cw_at 0
 (This *should* disable the alert tone)


  1. they say they had fixed it "2001s-100008DLK

    DVG-2001S Call waiting issue fixed

  2. Probably... but I didn't have any issue with call waiting.

    I just didn't want it enabled.