Friday, 24 August 2007

Firefox gives you Better GMail

I use quite heavily GoogleReader and I love its keyboard shortcuts (thanks quijote for the advice ;). I was trying to find a way to improve the keyboard shortcuts in GMail also on the style of GReader. So I came across this incredible add-on for Firefox that gives to GMail just what it was missing. The extension is called Better GMail. Apparently it is out since April this year, but I haven't really heard that much about it. It's a collection of all the bests GMail greasemonkey scripts.Intrigued by the screenshots I installed it and, well I've been playing with it since 3 hours now and the usability improvement is really astonishing.
I'll list here the features that I like the most:

In addition to those ones there are many other features and, trust me, you want to try them ;)

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