Sunday, 18 November 2007

Picasaweb and embedded slideshow

Finally I got why I didn't have the "embed slideshow" button in my picasaweb... I had English (UK) language instead of English (US)...

So if you're missing it too, just go to your settings and change your language from whatever you have to English (US).

Here a simple example:

Finalmente ho capito perchè non avevo il link "Embed Slideshow" in Picasa... avevo la lingua sbagliata. La funzione è disponibile (per ora) solo se si ha come lingua English (US).

Quindi se anche a voi manca la funzione "embed slideshow" andate sui vostri settings e cambiate la lingua. Apparirà magicamente. ;)


  1. Hi Stefano,

    your fotos is beautiful. How you create your slideshow on right column?

    thx.. ;)

  2. Go to Picasaweb -> settings and set your language to English US.

    Now when you open an album you'll see "embed as slideshow" link.

  3. Ok stezz, but I think slideshow, which is under headline "myphotos".

  4. Access blogger through go to layout , add gadget, basics, the third from the top is 'slideshow'. Select that.


  5. mate you are a savior! I've been wondering why mine was missing... what such a double standard by google by not allowing UK English to use the slideshow what a crap. Anyway cheers mate!