Sunday, 28 September 2008

Recovering from Maemo Summit 08

So finally I get few minutes to write about Maemo Summit 08. Hopefully (if the crawler hits my blog) this should be my first post aggregated with So hello maemons.

At the beginning I wasn't so sure that I would have benefited by going to the summit and I was a bit sceptical about it. Well after that (and after one week passed to recover from it) I have to say: it was great!
First time I met a lot of people and had a chance to really talk to them (email, though useful, doesn't give you everything of a person). First time I had a chance to speak for more than the time allocated for the meeting with some nokians.
Overall there was this sensation of community that as an insider you don't feel everyday. Actually you never feel so much you're busy with your job.

I really have to thank (again) Quim and Peter that organized the summit. And I also have to thank the whole community. If you didn't get it we, as nokians, need you as much as you need us. Coming back to Finland after the summit I was refreshed and energized (even though I was damn tired) and I felt I was sharing this state of mind with a lot of others in the plane (at least the tiredness :D ).

Greetings to Niels, murrayc, kersten and the other of the openismus crew (great party!). To the Collabora guys and to the rest that I didn't mention here. See you at the next summit.

BIG thanks to the community to support us and to give us more energy to continue on this path.

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  1. Maybe an "About me" somewhere? It took me a while to realize who you are, and we are sharing the same same offices. ;)