Sunday, 2 March 2008

Printing digital photo in Finland

(digikuvat tulostaminen suomessa, in finnish?)

I had to print some photo and I was curios to know what was the cheapest service to use here in Finland.

I ended up comparing some of the services I found on internet. (The list is not supposed to have all the existing ones of course and is updated at today)

When a service allowed to go and pick up the photos somewhere I supposed to chose that option (0 euros as delivery cost), otherwise mail delivery is taken in consideration.

There is no consideration on the quality of the paper, type of printing and so on. This is only a price/quantity comparison.

The format I examined has been 10x13/15 cm with no special options.

And the winner is...

In the category from 0 to 50 photos: with pick up from the shop
In the category from 60 to 80 photos: with delivery at your address
In the category from 90 on: with delivery at your address

Here the link to the spreadsheet

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